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Our hope and prayer is for LifeHouse Church to be an inter-denominational, people-caring, fun-loving, truth-seeking, Bible-centered community of Christ followers. And our door is wide open to anyone who wants to join us and to anyone who wants to simply see what we're all about. Find out more about us!

Our Latest Series

Hero Series!

Our latest series is "Hero Series!" Join us in learning about past 'heros' of the faith and how God hopes to make a hero out of us all!

Past Series


Godly Wisdom for Human Problems!

Our previous series was "Godly Wisdom for Human Problems" You can listen to past messages on learning about how we can navigate this world through the principals that God has laid out for us in 1 Corinthians!

Bible Study

Join us for Noon Studies, an informal Bible study offered over the noon hour. It will literally make your day each week and is open to every honest seeker of truth! Currently we are going through the book of Romans. 

Wednesday's at 12:00 PM @ GamesXP

 Clint Eastwoods


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Upcoming Events

Click here to see what other upcoming things we have going on! 


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