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In the States and in other countries, I often find the misconception that church is only for "women and children". Not so with LifeHouse Church. Here, we call men to "act like men" (I Cor. 16:13). If you don't know what that means or you think that no self-respecting church would ever promote such a thing, then I encourage you to hang out with us and see what we’re talking about.

We find that the biblical view of masculinity to be attractive and fulfilling in every respect. The Bible calls men to be strong protectors, strong providers, and strong believers. You will find help in discovering and living out your masculinity on this website and in our church. It's time, men, to make our mark and define our place in history.

Links to Learn From

Edge Venture

We also have an amazing opportunity for men to participate in called Edge Venture.  It is a men's retreat like none other! You will definitely want to check this out! It has changed so many men's lives and I guarantee it WILL change your life as well. Check it out -> Edge Venture

Men’s Bible study

Consider commandeering your lifegroup, Bible study, ect... to go through this Bible study series:

Every Man A Warrior by Lonnie Berger.  It sells for $52 on Amazon and $98 on ebay.  So let's get it off of their website for $16. :-)  Here's the website link to get yours:

Here are some times when there are some men only groups already going on.  Let me know if you'd like to jump in on one of these times.

Tues 2pm

Wed 4:30pm

Thurs. 4:30pm

Thurs. 9pm

Sat 6pm

The King's Men

Purpose and plan for King’s Men – Reaffirm and encourage one another in our role as men in our lives, families, and church:  renew our minds, engage in the church life, journey in healing from wounds that have robbed us of our masculinity.