Why We went to Hong Kong

September 16, 2011 - 1:08 PM
God put Hong Kong and East Asia on our hearts and minds as a result of having a brother from there, Darren, involved in our new church plant. Through Darren, we learned of the Great Commission church there... of his dad and family persevering by faith... and of the great need for the gospel to get out. So we took a step of faith to take a mission trip to his homeland and bless the people there as much as we could. As it turned out, though, the blessing boomeranged on us.
Going overseas opens your eyes to a world vastly different than yours and to a world much bigger than you ever imagined. This alone deeply affects a guys life. But all the more powerful was the experience of running two English camps while there. Each one resulted in building close friendships with the Chinese people, several personal and public gospel opportunities, and at least 5 salvations... maybe more! Lives will never be the same... neither theirs nor ours.

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